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Just a selection of my work that is here. I do have all sorts as I’m a bit of a Jack Butterfly; always trying new ways of saying what I want to say. Theres no rule is there, that says an artist has to stay in one discipline? Or even one art form?
I think some people won’t take you seriously if you hover about as I do, but that’s just the way I work and so if you visit you will find:

Drawing in all its forms
Textile Art and fibre art
Wire work including wire sculptures
Watercolour and oils and acrylics
Mixed media
Text Art
Found object sculpture

Subject matter includes:
Life Drawing and Painting
Horses (lots!)
Domestic objects (particularly coffee pots and teapots!)
Lost objects (things that others would throw away)

Some is framed, some not. I never know quite what to do on the framing front as some people have a very specific idea of what they want and where it will fit in their house. Others like the picture and don’t “see” it if it is unframed, thinking it unfinished.

I do feel myself, that framing is important as it can really lift a picture, gives it a focus. Bad framing however can kill an image so it’s important to find a framer you know and trust. I use Bob Skinner at Great Strickland who is excellent. His wife has a brilliant “eye” for colour and tone and it always takes us ages to find just the right mount colour and frame profile and colour. The differences can be subtle but they makea difference.

Well, Private View tomorrow!
I’ve suddenly frantically had a panic, hoping people aren’t expecting a gallery!!! It’s my house! My home! My “studio” at home! Cats! Dogs! A small pony and possibly even some Little Slinkachu Folk if you are lucky … it’s not tidy or smart or a show home …

But I’m hoping that most people are coming because they want to know what goes on “behind the scenes”. Like I’m fascinated by What the Life Model Thinks… and here are a good couple of blogs that explain that: Suki’s honest blog and Gavin’s informative one
I do a lot of Life Drawing as I teach it and have the utmost respect for people who are prepared to bare themselves for others to examine and to draw. These blogs take you “behind the scenes” there too. There isn’t as much mystery as we would think but it is always interesting and gives the reader a different perspective, which is what we all crave surely?

I guess (hope) the people either coming to my Private View, or to my studio, are looking for the same. They aren’t coming to judge; every artists deep fear…

List making time – wine, flapjacks to make, hoovering to do, the putting away of piles of children’s books, wine, the burning of the cardboard by the open fire, the cleaning of said fire (that needs to be crackling away surely), wine to buy – oh I’ve said that…

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