The Big Draw

A Jersey cow drawn in the technique taught to me several years ago, by the inspiring Lesley Humphries. This is another incomplete piece, drawn in April, more of a demonstration as I was passing on this method to adults in a workshop at the Highhead Gallery

I will be doing another there as part of C-Art, date to follow very soon.

It was gratifying to see that there has been a resurgence in both the teaching and practice of drawing in the past few years. The Big Drawwhich I have part of for the last eight years, is a month long festival which celebrates and encourages drawing. Eden Arts are organising an event in Penrith Devonshire Arcade this October, which I will be involved in so come and have a go!

I find that people often think they “can’t draw”, comparing “being able to draw” with being Olympic standard swimming! In other words, unless they are “good enough” for galleries ( I put all these phrases within inverted commas as I believe they are judgemental phrases that people use about their own work, and are not how I would describe the practice of drawing at any level!), then they “aren’t any good at drawing”. Yet the same people may swim regularly, or even a little, but they didn’t compete at the Olympics. Does that mean they “can’t swim”?

I am deeply honoured when I am asked to run workshops and demonstrations in drawing; so do find there is a real hunger for knowledge and accessible learning experiences.

To me, drawing is the crux of all Art. It is the lynch pin upon which all other activity spreads from. Even seemingly “way out” contemporary work stems from the act of seeing (as in noticing) an aspect of the world, and making a visual response to it. I’m prepared to stand my ground here!

I can talk about drawing, it’s practice and meaning, for hours (!) but will finish this post by saying “Watch this space!” for local developments in Drawing…an exciting new initiative, coming to town 🙂

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