The Digital Age is Supposed to Free Us?

Before I throw the paptop out the window – with its frustrating internet…and deeply frustrating websites, I need to consider that…long, so sadly, long ago, in the days of paper (going all Luddite now) I would have been able to sort out this information I wanted in less than five minutes by simply opening the (actual – not virtual) file I had on O2 and there would all the information be – at my literal fingertips where I want it – easy to read and understand.

Instead I have to navigate tens of pages, log in, change account names, switch pages, type information I can’t remember into little boxes in order to go to a new page, open yet more new pages, wait for the page to load, refresh the page (because they always crash and are inaccessible in the evening when most people want to look at them) and then the page doesn’t make sense because they have changed the layout.

Then I get the following message:

“We’re sorry. This section of the website is not accessible. An error occurred. Please try again later”

Can you imagine this happening with a little folder of paper?

Whilst I am crouched over the beast, can’t answer any questions my children ask me, nor have a conversation either because if my computer flow is interrupted, the page vanishes, my typing is lost and I lose the thread. Then I get back-ache from poring over the paptop for – what is it now – ooh well over an hour…

And I’m grumpy and my IT self-esteem has plummeted.

Rant over.

“Fancy meeting you here Minnie!”
“Granddad here says its a small world Mrs Petit”.

(With thanks to the Sock and the IT Guru Offspring)

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