“What’s so Special About Him Dad?”

Constantly writing applications is the lot of just about any of us these days. It’s hard, but each one has to be treated new with all the effort of the previous one.
I decided with my “latest”, to make it a little different and made a comic using a great programme called Comic Life
So this is one of the photos I used for it (Comic Life made a lovely speech bubble for it that I haven’t got in here).

“What’s so special about him, Dad?”

I went Life Drawing again today. It really IS something that I believe any artist whatever their discipline, can actually learn a huge amount from. It’s easy to get a little blasé about one’s drawing and looking skills – or maybe, more charitably, its that “other things” get in the way (like earning a living and plain old domesticity) and attending a Life Drawing class can seem like an indulgence.

But no, it made me realise (again!) that I need to “keep my eye in”, as tackling the challenge of understanding, and then representing, form, space, tone and the human figure as part of that, should be an essential feature of what we do as artists – no matter what “level” you feel you are at, and no matter what subject you usually work with.

I am rediscovering chalk pastel. Something I will admit, I’ve always been a bit sniffy about. Especially that is is technically called “painting”! When did paint become a dry media???

Then I realised what fun it was if you broke the rules…


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