The Big Draw

The Big Draw has started in Cumbria! It’s actually started everywhere as it is a national event, taking place every October. There are several events across Cumbria, taking place in schools, village halls, museums, outdoor centres, libraries and even an aquarium!
I only wish I could attend them all!
Penrith has Eden Arts using the Soup Shop in the Devonshire Arcade where we are drawing all over the walls! How liberating!
I’ll be there Saturday morning Oct 6 from 11am onwards.
I plan to draw a life-size herd of Fell Ponies up on the fells so do come and join in :-).
Though participants can draw what they’d like of course!
“Drawing allows us to see the world more clearly, to put our thoughts in order and to communicate them effectively. Drawing is a powerful tool for learning, and a valuable skill for life. It is also accessible and economical – needing only pencil and paper – and enjoyable.”
(From the Campaign for Drawing’s website)
However it can also be much more I believe. Drawing is making some form of mark, to express something – surely in its purest form. So last week with a group of children and I “drew” a gigantic squirrel with PE equipment :

Blue Tarn is a w
Cumbrian Women’s art collective that I belong to we are exhibiting at the Beacon, Whitehavenfrom October 13th until November 25th.
The title of the exhibition is Illumination. This piece will be in it – which is nearly nearly finished… just working on that tree to knock it back a bit, it was “too loud” according to my daughter. How right she was!!


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