CSI @ Alnwick Garden

A friend’s daughter’s birthday was spent at the inspirational Alnwick Garden; my first visit there as well. Beautiful and restful yet exciting and mesmerising and contemplative and so well thought out with vista after vista opening up round each bend or turn you make.
I took some of my little people, whom are currently called But Perfectly Formed (thanks Spot!) and spent a happy time lying on my belly in the grass setting up their first scene (this group are new arrivals).
It’s not fully there with regards composition or photographically but on the way:

This next one I call Fingertip Search



Woke this morning and dogs told me that there was “excitement downstairs”. This turned out to be a pleased-with-herself cat and a thrush sadly. But when I picked up the feathery body she was still moving her legs. By the time I’d slipped her into a cardboard box to leave in a quiet darkened room, she was looking around and blinking. Fingers crossed.

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