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Workshops Summer 2015

Further details below.

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Drawing Essentials Newbiggin Village Hall

26 April


Life Drawing Essentials Newbiggin Village Hall

30 April

Comics and Manga Essentials Newbiggin Village Hall

30 May tbc


Landscape Essentials High House Centre, Kendal

3 June


Painting Essentials Newbiggin Village Hall

20 June tbc


Layering the Landscape High House Centre, Kendal

1 July


Charcoal Landscapes High House Centre, Kendal

26 July


Drawing Horses High House Centre, Kendal

26 August


Layering the Landscape Newbiggin Village Hall

8 Oct


Monoprinting Essentials Milburn Village Hall 22 Oct (date tbc) £50

Drawing Essentials

How does an artist make it look like that? I can’t get the shapes right? I’m never happy with my drawings. I can only copy, how can I draw from life?
Everyone can learn to draw. We need to be taught, and we need to practise. In this workshop Alex will guide you through her tried and tested methods that will firstly, teach you how to “see”, and secondly, the essential techniques and skills used in drawing.

Life Drawing Essentials
An all day class, with an academic taught element in the morning and a more expressive workshop approach in the afternoon. We will be working with one model for the whole day so that you can gain the most benefit from tuition and techniques. All levels of experience welcome. We will also encourage you to experiment with a variety of tools and materials.

Painting Essentials
Remember when as a child, painting was fun? Painting is a liberating and rewarding experience. Yet, sometimes there seems to be too much to learn in order to make a piece of work you are happy with. In this workshop Alex will guide you through some of the things you first need to know that will enhance your painting…the things they didn’t teach you at school! There will be structured teaching as well as a chance to develop and practise what you are shown.

Comic and Manga Essentials*
The workshop will focus upon the planning and structure of a comic story, with tips and advice about drawing and inking. We will start with character design and planning, before producing the finished work. Participants will develop skills in planning and working through the process of creating a comic page: skills which are transferable to other art forms, and even writing tasks such as essay and story writing.

Landscape Essentials
In the beautiful surroundings of High House in the Lake District, Alex will teach you the essentials of landscape drawing and painting. We will cover aspects such as aerial perspective, tone, colour for the time of year, the expressive use of line, detail – when to use it (and when to leave it out!). Materials suggested are watercolour and drawn media such as pencils, and pen and ink.

Layering the Landscape
Using a mixture of media, acrylic, chalk pastels and inks amongst others, together with aspects of Alex’s “Ice Age Art” teaching techniques, you will learn to work directly from the beautiful landscapes at High House in the Lake District. The aim is to explore working with memory and observation; marrying this with a mixture of media in order to develop a personal approach to expressing your response to what you see and experience, in the landscape.

Charcoal Landscapes
An exciting and expressive method will be demonstrated and taught; showing you a creative approach to using charcoal together enhanced other pastel media, to create vibrant and dramatic landscapes. We will be working directly from the landscape giving you the chance to go home with two completed pieces of work.

Drawing Horses
Alex has been drawing and painting horses since she was a child. She has exhibited them widely and her other direct work with horses informs her knowledge, so that she has developed a way of joining anatomical accuracy with dynamic expression.
You will learn how to depict horses accurately, working directly from life using tried and tested techniques together with Alex’s individual approach to help you give life to your work.


All workshops run 10-4, refreshments included, though please bring your own lunch.
Price differences reflect costs/hire of location/facilities, and some resources when supplied.
Your place is booked and further information regarding what you need to bring, directions etc, will be sent out once payment is received.

High House workshops are designed around being outside much of the time, please bring suitable clothes and equipment. Indoor alternative teaching is provided if weather is inclement!

Equine workshops include work either with or around horses. The horses used are obviously very used to people and workshop scenarios, BUT you are responsible for listening to the tutor/handlers to follow safety instructions at ALL times. Please ensure you have suitable footwear (robust with very low heel) and clothes.

*This workshop is delivered by expert Comics Artist, Gavin Pollock.


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