Creative Futures Cumbria – Spotlight Artist

I told the pupils I had berthed my pirate ship at Whitehaven, and it hadn’t been an easy drive in the Mini, because the steering wheel was so small in comparison to a ship’s wheel.

The Year Two pupils were excellent at suspending their disbelief as I turned up in full pirate outfit, treasure and accent.
I told them I’d left the sword back on the ship because of Health and Safety.

We explored Turner’s painting The Fighting Temeraire and talked about how travel has changed, what Turner was trying to say in the painting and how light changes during the day. This led to the children making light boxes containing a ship, with collage and construction and paperwork.

The afternoon saw us exploring a favourite story, the Snail and the Whale through conversations about taking risks, friendship and looking after our world. This was followed by clay work, making snails and whales using traditional ceramics techniques.

Of my work in school, the best bit, is when the quiet child says to me, “This has been the best day”.

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