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Funny (serendipitous?) how various strands of one’s creative adventures begin to entwine; the more one explores them, and importantly, exchange ideas with others, the more those ideas plait together…
I am hoping that the variety of threads I follow, will begin to tie together in practice. As part of this, we will be holding some exploratory workshops where participants can involve themselves in a series of experiential creative and, I hope, thought-provoking activities.

Often, when I teach or do demonstrations I am asked, “Where so you get your ideas from?”, and “How do you see that?”.
These workshops aim to give participants the chance to put themselves into that mind space, where they can explore a different type of looking, and a fresh approach to thinking

I am convinced that this “Drovers’ Track” approach, by which I mean an old old “way” of meandering, pushing your animals (ideas) ahead and following the lie of the land, that will ultimately be the most effective way of coming to your destination…I’m rambling now!

In late July 2014, I will be delivering a short three day course with the Embroiderers’ Guild (North West) at Alston Hall, Lancs, called From Walk To Wall, where we will be exploring this way of working.
Further details nearer the time.

Other workshops are being planned, watch this space!

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