Combining pen and watercolour


Combining Pen and Watercolour Workshop
at Vine and Roses, Penrith.

One of the things I enjoy about delivering workshops is how I learn something each time, whether it be about methods or materials, or more interestingly, how people learn and what their experiences mean to them.

One thing I learnt on this workshop was how different minds can experience different media in unexpected ways. And if they feel frustrated at how watercolour behaves (or doesn’t behave!) then my challenge is to try and find a way through that, that will boost their confidence or to find an experience that they then feel some achievement with.

I do find that occasionally some people are more “designers” in their visual language and their personal expression. This means that they feel far more at home with pattern, colour and texture as design elements – rather than trying to make “representational” pictures.

The other thing I enjoy is re-meeting people at workshops, even if we haven’t met for years. It’s a great way of picking up threads and bringing us all together again and re-discovering our joint stories…

And look at this lady…!
Next week??

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