Samson the Friesian

Welcome to my first post on this blog (the previous one is from a starter blog!).

Thank you for visiting 🙂

I will be putting on a variety of bit and bobs – mainly to do with my artwork and projects.

It will take me a little bit of time to get used to how it work but stay with me and I’ll try to entertain 🙂

I draw and paint many things – but there is a plethora of horses!

I also enjoy just making and will share some of that work as well.

Mixed Media painting of Friesian Horse

This is a painting of Samson, a lovely Friesian gentleman who arrived here to “retire to the countryside”, just over a year ago. We do ride him and I often put non-riding friends on top because he is such a great confidence-giving experience.
The painting is done with a variety of media, combining ideas and skills taught to me by two brilliant artists, Lesley Humphrey whose inspirational verve and passion I can only aspire to, and Frances Winder whose rich and beautiful images are so enjoyable to lose oneself in.

He is a gift to draw or paint as he is just so aesthetic – whatever he does.

This is a slightly tweaked image of the painting – but I like it. The real one is a bit bluer. I’ll put up a picture of that another day.

Meanwhile we are battening down the hatches here in Cumbria as Amber Warning (lovely girl) is coming to visit…

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